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My first Chrome extension: Forum Troll Blocker!

Michael Brown   August 31 2013 10:39:15 PM
A couple of weeks back, I wrote a post called Dealing with trolls on ZDNet comments, which showed how to block trolls in the technical forums by using the Tampermonkey Chrome extension.  Although I was pretty pleased with it at the time, it was rather obviously a "geeks only" exercise.  You had to edit JavaScript by hand to define your own list of trolls; not exactly a layman's task.  So I thought, why not make it a Chrome extension in its own right?  I could then give users an basic GUI to define their trolls rather than having to mess with JavaScript.  So that's what I did.

And here it is; the Forum Troll Stomper extension for Google Chrome!

Forum Troll Stomper extension in the Chrome Web Store

It's basically the same JavaScript code that I was running under the Tampermonkey extension, only with some extra HTML and CSS to make it an extension in its own right.  It took a bit of time to acquaint myself with the basic ins and outs of developing Chrome Extensions, but  it's nothing too difficult for anybody who's done any kind of web development.  There's a one-off Developer Fee of $5 - yes, five whole USD - to pay in order to load Chrome Extensions and apps on the Chrome Web Store.  In fact, when I went to pay even this modest fee, I discovered that I'd already done so over a year ago!  (Which makes me either far-sighted or just bone idle.)

As it says in my blurb on the Chrome Store, the Forum Troll Stomper extension is only for the forums at the moment, just because it's a forum that I happen to frequent that has a real troll problem, IMHO.  But it shouldn't be any real problem to adapt to other forums if there's a need.


1Badlytrolled  03/20/2014 12:22:53 PM  My first Chrome extension: Forum Troll Blocker!

Is there a way I can make this work with yuku messageboards

2Michael Brown  03/24/2014 4:45:01 PM  My first Chrome extension: Forum Troll Blocker!



You can submit a request for new features by following the extension link that I gave in the post.

Once there, click on the Details tab, then Send Feedback.