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Web server for Chromebook

Michael Brown   February 29 2016 03:39:51 AM
I tend to use my Chromebook for web development when I'm on the road, or ferry in my case!  I have $2000 Macbook Pro, which I love, but I'm usually too scared to take it too many places.  My $330 Chromebook on the other hand...

Of course, to do much build work with npm, Git, Gulp, Webpack, Babel etc, I have to switch to my Linux crouton, which is a bit of cheat, but it works!  I also had to do that just to fire up a local web server, but not any more.  It seems that there is now a Web Server for Chrome.  It's called, wait for it, Web Server Chrome, and you can install it from the Chrome Store.

Once installed, just launch it from the Chrome Launcher and tell it which folder your HTML is in.  It will give you a link for your browser.  Really, it couldn't be easier.  And being a Chrome app, it runs on all platforms on which Chrome itself runs.  (The screenshot below is from my Macbook Pro.)

Now if I could only get a Chrome version of Git...
Web Server for Chrome

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