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Domino image now on Amazon EC2... errmm, I think! (Updated)

Michael Brown   April 1 2010 10:30:00 AM
Update 1st April 2010
As I suspected, IBM's EC2 guide wasn't supposed to have been released just yet.  See comment from IBM's Mike Masterson on this post, and also on the IBM guide itself  (URL below).

Thanks to Mike for the update.

Since writing my post Setting up Domino on Amazon's EC2 cloud servers only a few weeks ago, IBM has released its first Domino AMI image on the Amazon's EC2 cloud server.  See IBM Lotus Domino 8.5.1 on Amazon Web Services: A getting started guide for details and thanks to Mikkel for the tip-off on this.

I'm damned if I can get the thing to work though.

I ran through the process of setting up such an EC2 image and found the Domino AMI with no problem.  But at the last step on the setup dialog, it failed with the error "Subscription to ProductCode 00E2F293 required".  WTF does that mean, I wonder?  I can not see a reference to any extra sign-up on the Lotus info page.

What that page does say, rather ominously, is "Amazon AMIs that are preloaded with IBM software must be purchased before use".  Then, in the very next sentence, it says "Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) may use the Development AMIs for no additional fee above the normal Amazon EC2 charge."  Hello, boys!  The AMIs are either free or they "must be purchased before use"; both statements can't be true.  If it's only for ISVs, then how does one set oneself up as an ISV for EC2 purposes?

For further information, the documentation links to a page of IBM for EC2 pricing, which, to my complete lack of surprise, doesn't mention Domino at all.

I'm wondering if this getting started guide wasn't supposed to be released just yet.  Most of the screen-caps are near illegible.

1Michael Masterson  03/31/2010 10:48:37 PM  Domino image now on Amazon EC2... errmm, I think!

Hey Mike,

We weren't actually anticipating this being published until the image is live and available on Amazon. We're very close and will have an announcement on both developerWorks and Amazon when its LIVE. We should have the images fixed by then as well :)

2Sid  09/23/2010 10:28:37 AM  Domino image now on Amazon EC2... errmm, I think! (Updated)


I'm having the same problem, though I was able to actually "purchase" the AMI. Did you manage to sort it for yourself?