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"Google’s Threat To MIcrosoft, Chromebooks Are Now ... 10% Of All Computers"

Michael Brown   December 29 2013 05:32:02 PM
This is from Forbes, and the full quote is:

"Google's Threat To MIcrosoft, Chromebooks Are Now 21% Of All Notebooks And 10% Of All Computers"

As Shaggy used to say, "like wow!!!"

There have been signs that this was coming for quite a while: the Samsung Chromebook sat at the top of Amazon's PC sales charts for months on end, yet Amazon refused to release any actual sales figures.  Yet here it is, and not from some nerdy, IT blogger either. Nope, this is from Forbes, the darling of Wall Street.

Suddenly, Microsoft's anti-Chromebook "Scroogled" adverts make some sense: I mean, would the company spend time and money trying to dismiss something that they weren't afraid of?

There's zinger after zinger quotes for Microsoft in here.  Here's just one:

Sales [of Windows] were driven forward in the past by those network effects: everyone else had Windows, everyone was writing for Windows, therefore I must have Windows too. But if those things are no longer true then we’re going to get, pretty rapidly, to a state where Windows isn’t even the default OS for a laptop or notebook: and I can see that following to the desktop soon enough.

Here in Australia, I've seen figures that show Windows usage is down 10% from calendar year 2012 to calendar year 2013.  10%!!!!  And sorry, but Windows 8.1 isn't going to stop that rot.  Once the tipping point is reached, and people stop thinking of Windows as that default thing that you have to have with every PC, then that will be the end for Microsoft in this space; maybe in every space.


1PK  12/29/2013 4:00:49 PM   Google’s Threat To MIcrosoft, Chromebooks Are Now ... 10% Of All Computers

The end days are coming!