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Windows to dump desktop altogether?

Michael Brown   March 29 2013 05:29:26 PM
You hate Windows Metro (or whatever they're calling it this week)?

You've installed Classic Shell, or StartX, or some other utility that takes you straight to Windows 8 Desktop mode, so you can avoid Metro altogether?

Hanging out for the next release of Windows?   You know, the one where Microsoft gets hit around the head with the big clue stick and puts everything right that's wrong with Windows 8, like Windows 7 did with Vista?

Time to get real, sucker!

The next version/service pack of Windows, code name "Windows Blue", has already been leaked, and it seems that there's more Metro than ever!  No changes to the Desktop at all.  Could this be the be end of the road for the Windows Desktop?  Microsoft cheerleader extraordinaire, Paul Thurrott, certainly thinks so: "this is clearly an indication of how we get from here (Windows 8) to there (Windows 9, with potentially no desktop)" he says at one point in his hands on review.

Think about what that's going to mean for your company.  Sure, we can take it as read that there will be a Metro version of Office.  But what other desktop apps do you rely on?  A Metro version of Photoshop, for example?  No sign of that yet.  And how usable would such a thing be, I wonder?  And all your in-house line of business apps?  You better hope they run through a browser or you can kiss all those goodbye too!

It's not all bad though: apparently, the new Metro will allow you to have four whole applications displayed on your screen at the same time.  That's double, or an an increase of 100% if you like, the number of apps you can display with Windows 8 Metro!!  Thank you so much, Microsoft!  Where do I sign up?  Oh, and I'm in Australia, so don't forget to charge me double what the rest of the world pays.
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