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Notes 8.5.1 on the Koala

Michael Brown   October 26 2009 03:35:09 AM
I installed Notes 8.5.1 on the release candidate for Ubuntu 9.10, a.k.a. the Karmic Koala, which is an unsupported release for Notes.  (It would be, seeing that it's not even out yet!)

The installation went fine, but I could not get any workspace, home page or replicator page when I started up the client.  Thanks to Michael Strong, who explained how to fix this in a post on LDD.  (NB: his fix is actually for Ubuntu 64-bit, but it worked for me for the 32-bit version by following step 7 only).  You need to replace some libraries in your /opt/ibm/lotus/notes folder with the ones that you can download from this url:

Thanks to "Ronny" for posting those libraries.  I don't know who he is and his site's in German.

Extract the four libraries from the .tgz archive file to a temporary folder; let's say that folder is /home/mikey/temp.  Open a console terminal and type:

cd /home/mikey/temp
sudo cp *.* /opt/ibm/lotus/notes

You'll need to type in your superuser password for the second command.  That's copied the files where they need to be, but you now need to set the permissions on them.  The easiest way to do that is to fire up a superuser copy of Nautilus by typing the following in your console terminal window:
gksu nautilus

Careful now; the copy of Nautilus that you just started up can do anything!

Navigate your way to the /opt/ibm/lotus/notes folder and highlight the four files that we need to modify.  These are the four that start with "libg".  With the four files highlighted, right click and choose "Properties"  from the pop-up menu, then switch to the Permissions tab.  You need to modify the permissions so that the root owner has Read & Write access (should be so already) and that the root group and the "Others" both have Read access.  Michael also suggests that the files need to have their Execute bit set, but it worked for me without doing that.

Change library file permissions

1Bart Severein  11/03/2009 12:03:47 PM  Notes 8.5.1 on the Koala

Too bad it seems not always a fix. I have copied the files, changed permissions etc etc but the client keeps crashing when opening the bookmarks. Looks like I have to downgrade Ubuntu (not an easy task). :-(

Should be nice to see a fix for this release soon, since the Ubuntu community is simply pointing to IBM and their way of using the OS for the graphic behaviour of the client. No chance of a fix from Canonical, as I understand.

2Mike Brown  11/03/2009 3:06:17 PM  Notes 8.5.1 on the Koala

Sorry to hear that, Bart.

You've tried the usual suspects? I. e.:

* delete cache file (cache.ndk?)

* new local names.nsf

* new bookmarks.nsf

* new workspace file

3Adrian Sandoval  11/05/2009 1:13:35 PM  Notes 8.5.1 on the Koala

hmmm... did u install on Karmic 32 bits or 64 bits ?. Michael Strong said in his post that this solution is for 64bits.... did you try with 32btis?

4Mike Brown  11/05/2009 1:25:11 PM  Notes 8.5.1 on the Koala

I installed on the 32 bit version only, Adam.

Yes, Michael Strong's solution is for the 64 bit version, but I only followed his step 7 for 32 bits.


- Mike

5arruah  11/10/2009 3:52:30 AM  Notes 8.5.1 on the Koala

where i can download 8.5.1 version?

6Mike Brown  11/10/2009 5:42:13 AM  Notes 8.5.1 on the Koala

Via IBM Passport. (Requires contract with IBM or one of its resellers).

I don't know if IBM as any plans to make it generally available.

7Rolf  11/10/2009 1:57:46 PM  Notes 8.5.1 on the Koala

works great, thanks

8Max Touzon  05/01/2011 6:49:22 PM  Notes 8.5.1 on the Koala

I followed your instructions and worked flawlessly.

Thanks for the info mate, you saved me.

9peter greaves  05/22/2011 2:53:41 PM  Notes 8.5.1 on the Koala

thanks....had this same problem on 11.04 , Notes IBM Lotus Notes 8.5, Release 8.5.2 M2 and yr changes fixed it for me. i did flag the files as executable.