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Michael Brown   January 24 2013 04:21:59 AM
Surface RT disk sizes

Heard the one about the 16 Gig version of Microsoft's Surface RT tablet?  There's no such thing.  Ahh, but do you know why?  It's because the OS and the supplied apps take up 16 Gig for themselves.  So a 16 Gig version would have precisely eff all storage available to the customer!!

And that's why the Surface RT starts out at 32 Gig.  And there's the rub.  Can they really call it a 32 Gig version when the customer only gets half that to play with?  Especially when Microsoft isn't exactly going out of its way to advertise that little factoid by, for instance, mentioning in the device's box.

Australian consumer watch group Choice thinks not.  And they've reported Microsoft to the ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) over it.

Not sure how this one's going to play out.  Microsoft's defenders point out that all PCs and tablets reserve some disk space to themselves.  The iPad takes 2 or 3 Gig, for example.  But 16 Gig??  That's just taking the piss, IMHO.  So here's hoping Microsoft gets the slap from the authorities that it so richly deserves.

Disclaimer: I'm a Choice subscriber myself, and proud of it!

Image courtesy of Choice.

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