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Housekeeping 2 - Copy Files Via VirtualBox Shared Folders

Michael Brown   April 22 2009 08:57:05 PM
Part 14 of Setting up a home test environment for Notes/Domino 8.5

NB:  the bulk of this post was originally part of Part 5 - Installing Domino on Fedora Linux but I thought it made more sense to separate it out into its own section.

A shared folder is a way of making a folder on the host OS visible to the guest OS.  NB: shared folders requires that you have Guest Additions installed in the guest OS.  You set up a shared folder in two stages: first, you must define the shared folder within the VirtualBox virtual machine, and then second, you mount the folder on the guest OS.

To define a shared folder:
  1. With your guest OS - I'll use Linux in this example - running within VirtualBox, click on Devices->Shared Folders... from the VirtualBox menu.
  2. On the right hand side of the Shared Folders dialog, click on the icon with the plus sign on it.
  3. On the Add Share dialog, click on the Folder Path drop-down box and then select the folder on the host OS that you want to be your shared folder.  I use a seperate partition on my hard drive called "VirtualFolders", which holds a folder that's called "SharedFolders"; hence "/media/VirtualDisks/SharedFolders" as my path.  The Folder Name text box defines how the guest OS will see the shared folder.  It defaults to having the same name as the physical folder on the host OS, but you can call it what you like.
  4. Tick the Make Permanent checkbox if you think that you'll be using this shared folder again.


1Mr C Penguin  10/08/2009 12:25:21 AM  Housekeeping 2 - Copy Files Via VirtualBox Shared Folders

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2Victor  05/22/2012 8:32:55 AM  Housekeeping 2 - Copy Files Via VirtualBox Shared Folders

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