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Download and install VirtualBox for your OS

Michael Brown   March 12 2009 12:55:09 AM
Part 1 of Setting up a home test environment for Notes/Domino 8.5

Why VirtualBox, Not VMware?

Simple answer:  VirtualBox was the first virtualisation software that I tried.  It did everything that I wanted and is free!  I tried  VMware Workstation shortly after, but I couldn't see any real advantage over VirtualBox.  The real clincher is that VMware Workstation costs money.

You can download Sun's VirtualBox from and there are versions for Windows, OS X (Intel machines only) and most Linux distributions.  The "standard" version, while free, is closed source.  There is also an open source version of VirtualBox, called the OSE version, which is the one that you're likely to find in your Linux distribution's package managers.  The OSE version is missing some features of the closed source version, such as the ability to attach USB devices to the guest OS.  You'll be better off with the close source version, although it's good to know that the OSE version is around; if Sun - or Oracle now, I guess - do decide to start charging for the closed source version, then at least we've got something to fall back on.

Installation is straightforward.  Just double-click on the downloaded binary installation file - .MSI for Windows, .IMG for OS X, and .RPM or .DEB for Linux - and follow the instructions.

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