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Apple PCs are overpriced because....

Michael Brown   January 19 2012 12:31:21 AM
...because you can get much the same hardware spec for a generic PC (i.e. a Windows) PC for much less.  That may be true, but as Neil said, there's more to the picture than meets the eye....

NB; this post is extended from a reply that I gave on another blog.  It's a UK blog, so I've given UK-based examples.  I'm no lover of Apple the company, by the way.  I think their constant use of the courts to try and suppress competition from the likes of Google/Android is reprehensible.  But I have to admit, they make great products.  And buying Microsoft because you don't like Apple's control-freakery is like cosying up to Hitler because you're pissed off with Stalin.


We all have our opinions on this one.

There are those that maintain that Windows 7 is every bit the equal of Mac OS X, if not superior.  But when you look at those claims, they're usually along the lines of look and feel.  Sure, Windows 7 has got that pin the app on the Start Bar thingie, and it's got some kind of a jump list feature.  Whoopee-do.  They don't ever talk about the underlying architecture, because they don't understand that.  In the same way that some people buy a car based on the colour, the shape of the headlights, the knobs and dials on the dashboard, but without ever checking out the engine!  The truth is that Windows 7 got the good reviews that it did for one reason and one reason only: it wasn't Vista.

Take it from me, the underlying architecture of Windows just plain sucks and always has.  Sure, the NT-based versions - NT, 2000, XP, Vista (yes, even Vista!) and 7 - have a more reliable and scalable architecture than the DOS-based versions - 3.0, 3.1, 95, 98 and Me - but that's not saying a right lot, is it?  


Apple's support is legendary. You can take any Apple product into any AppleStore in the world, and they will try to fix it on the spot for no charge. You don't need to produce any receipt or proof of ownership for this initial examination; you're holding an Apple product and that's enough.  Sure, if it needs real work doing on it, like a part replaced, then you do need to produce your receipt, or pay up if you're out of warranty. But they'll genuinely try to fix it for free first.

And these guys know their shit!  I've lost count of the number of times I've been in a generic PC store such as PC World (UK) or Harvey Norman (Australia), and wondered: does this in-house "expert" really believe the horse shit that he's telling that nice couple, or is he so stupid that he believes it himself?

It's not really that bad, you say?  Then you seriously need to look at Sky's 2009 investigation into computer repairs.  And I hope you have a strong stomach.   They investigated six London high-street computer repair shops and found that only one of them was honest.  How about a £230 charge for a "new motherboard" when all they did was push back a dislodged memory chip on the old one? Or your personal photos copied and passed around by a bunch of perverts? Or attempted hack-ins of your bank account?

Now ask yourself, how much would you pay to avoid all that?

Ongoing Costs

What's Windows 8 going to cost you when it arrives? As a guide, the upgrade version of Windows 7 Home Premium (from XP or Vista) is £85 on Amazon. And don't forget to multiply that by the number of Windows PCs in your possession if you want to upgrade them all. Sure, there are sometimes multi-upgrade packs available from Microsoft, but better catch 'em quick!  They don't hang around long - they're normally available only for a few month's after a major release, and then they're gone.  They're usually restricted to 3 PCs only too.

Mac OS X costs £21 on and for that one purchase you can install it on as many Macs as you own.


Your Mac will hold its value way better than any generic PC. Have a look on  I found nearly 5-year old Macbook Pros going for £400-500! You'd be lucky to give away a PC that old! Subtract that money from the cost of a new one when you want to upgrade, and suddenly it doesn't seem so expensive, does it?  I have a Macbook Pro from January 2007 that's still going strong.  And I reckon it's good for another three years yet!


1Mark Hughes  01/20/2012 8:27:25 AM  Apple PCs are overpriced because....

While you can get the same processor hard drive and ram and maybe even the same mother board, you can not get the same quality case or screen that apple uses cheaper.

Think about the uni body macbook pro does anyone else make a solid aluminum case? And a screen with real glass and unbelievable brightness?

2Mike Brown  01/20/2012 3:27:00 PM  Apple PCs are overpriced because....


Good points.

I didn't mention superrior component choice or build quality in my post, but they are a big part of why Macs hold their value as well as they do.