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"Windows 8 Sales Well Below Projections, Plenty of Blame to Go Around"

Michael Brown   November 17 2012 05:21:25 AM
So Windows 8 isn't selling too well it seems.  Well who could have predicted that?  Anybody that's actually tried to use the damned thing, perhaps?

Paul Thurrot sums the situation up quite nicely:

Windows 8. It’s a floor wax. No, it’s a dessert topping. Microsoft’s new whatever-the-F-it-is operating system is a confusing, Frankenstein’s monster mix of old and new that hides a great desktop upgrade under a crazy Metro front-end. It’s touch-first, as Microsoft says, but really it’s touch whether you want it or not (or have it or not), and the firm’s inability to give its own customers the choice to pick which UI they want is what really makes Windows 8 confounding to users.

And that's from somebody who says, later in that same paragraph,  "I actually like Windows 8 quite a bit"!!   There's some beauts in the comments too.  My personal fave:

To me, Win8 is like a chocolate cake with a big dog turd in the middle. I *really* want to enjoy the cake, because I know it's good. But it's impossible to avoid the poo...

You almost have to feel sorry for Microsoft....almost.  It can't be easy to have to justify and hype up their new baby having just fired, in all but name, the man largely responsible for foisting it upon them.  But continue with it they must and will do.  As one of the pundits on this week's Windows Weekly podcast commented, it's as if Microsoft employees now feel that "we've already dug our own graves, so we may as well use them...".
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