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Teamstudio Script Browser 3.0 Bug?

Michael Brown   April 15 2009 04:27:13 AM
Update 17/04/2009
Since documenting this problem, I have reported it to TeamStudio in the Asia Pacific Rim (which is where I am!)  The problem has now been SPRed and should be fixed in an future maintenance release

When you think of all the whizzy stuff that did make into Domino Designer 8.x, the lack of a proper class browser still rankles a bit.  I've always used the free TeamStudio Script Browser to plug this hole, but the latest version (version 3) seems to have a serious bug or limitation.

See if you can spot the problem.  The class ObjectColClass is a sub-class of ObjectClass.  I've taken screen shots of how the versions of the Script Browser are displaying them.  So, what's version 2 of the Script Browser showing us that version 3 isn't?:
TeamStudio Script Browser 2 TeamStudio Script Browser 3
Image:Teamstudio Script Browser 3.0 Bug? Image:Teamstudio Script Browser 3.0 Bug?

In Version 2, the first item listed under the ObjectColClass branch is ObjectClass, which is what tells us that ObjectColClass is a sub-class of ObjectClass.  This item is missing from the Version 3 list, so we have no way of knowing ObjectColClass's parentage without looking at the source code.  Also, we lose the ability to easily see all the methods and properties that ObjectColClass inherits from ObjectClass, which we can do in Version 2 by hitting the ObjectClass twistie from within the ObjectColClass branch, as shown below:

Image:Teamstudio Script Browser 3.0 Bug?

This is a serious problem and drastically reduces the usefulness of the TeamStudio Script Browswer.  Before I report it to TeamStudio, can anybody else confirm/deny that they're seeing this problem?  I'm using against the Notes 8.5 client on Windows XP.

If you are, then you can get around it by reinstalling Version 2 from the TeamStudio FTP server where the file you need is called

1Bert Haessler  08/12/2010 10:46:48 AM  Teamstudio Script Browser 3.0 Bug?

Add this to your teamstudio.ini:


Don't aks me why they disable the subclass view by default. Maybe for performance reasons.

2Mike Brown  09/11/2011 4:53:40 PM  Teamstudio Script Browser 3.0 Bug?


Belated thanks for the INI file tip. I can confirm that it worked for me too.

For me, the teamstudio.ini file was in my Notes Data folder. I added Bert's line directly under the [Teamstudio] section in that file.