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Microsoft programmers = trained gibbons?

Michael Brown   March 14 2012 11:32:38 PM
Maybe that's not an entirely accurate description: I don't actually think they're trained at all.

A few weeks back, customers of Azure - that's Microsoft's me-too, in the cloud service - lost access to their email, Office docs and whatever else they were fool enough to put up there, for up to eight hours.  And here's why.

It seems that the whole thing relies on a service that issues a certificate with a duration of one year.  To calculate the certificate's end date, they take the current date and then add one to the year portion. (Alarm bells ringing yet?)  When that service tried to run on 29 Feb 2012, it added one to the start date's year portion to come up with an end date of ... drum roll, please .... 29 Feb 2013!!!

And good night.....

Now, if a graduate trainee had made a mistake like that for his pet summer project, you'd still be kicking his arse up and down the length of the floor.  That's "mission critical" quality for Microsoft though.

Via iProgrammer: Azure Outage - Date Arithmetic Details


1Mike  03/14/2012 4:06:22 AM  Microsoft programmers = trained gibbons?


2ChrisC  03/14/2012 4:28:10 AM  Microsoft programmers = trained gibbons?

Good grief - blooming hilarious if it did not cause so many folks genuine misery (and money)..