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Android on ChromeOS - the revolution begins?

Michael Brown   September 13 2014 12:49:34 AM
Despite what you might read from pro-Microsoft trolls in the various forums about how "ChromeOS needs an always-on internet connection",  the OS actually boasts an increasing number of offline-enabled apps.  Check out Google's own word processor and spreadsheet apps, for example.  You can edit spreadsheets and documents locally, with not connection.  When ChromeOS does detect a connection, it syncs those changes up with your Google Drive, just as you'd expect.

Still, far too many Chrome Apps are little more than jumped-up URLs that really do nothing if you're not online.  The Evernote ChromeOS "app" is just such a beast.

But now there's an alternative.   You can now ... drum roll, please ... run the Android version of Evernote under ChromeOS! You can install it from the Chrome Web Store.

And here's how it looks on my Samsung Chromebook (the ARM-based 2013 model):

Android Evernote on ChromeOS

The good news is, that it works!  And it works off-line, unlike "Evernote Web" (which is still available as a separate, Chrome App, FYI).

The bad news:
  • It's slow in operation
  • The window is a fixed size and can't be maximised.   It remains at, what I guess is an "Android size".
  • The fonts are small and hard to read.  I could see no way of resizing them either.

Still, it's a start!  There's three other such apps: Vine, Duolingo and Sightwords.  But Evernote was the only one that I was already using (or had even heard of).

Note: you a need the full ChromeOS to get this to work.  It won't work on the Chrome browser for Windows, Mac or Linux.

See Chrome Owners Get Access to Android Apps (PCPro).

1Ray  09/24/2014 6:13:23 PM  Android on ChromeOS - the revolution beigins?

Nice article, this is a really exciting development !

I look forward to what the future brings.