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Michael Brown   June 11 2011 03:51:43 AM is a very useful (and free!) service, which lets you automatically post your blog posts to Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.  Unfortunately, the links that appear in Twitter and Facebook won't work with a Domino-based blog like mine - I use the IBM template that was shipped with Notes/Domino 7.0 onwards.

The problem is that, by default, the service sticks a load of junk on the end of your URL.  So, instead of a working URL like this you get a non-working URL like this which will cause the Domino server to throw a "page not found" error.

To rid yourself of this extraneous URL junk, you need to edit your feed in the dashboard.  Get to the services screen below:

You now need to click on the links to each of your services in turn - you can see that I have both Facebook and Twitter set up.  When you click on the link for your service, you'll see a screen like the one below:

You need to ensure that the fields in the UTM Tags section are all empty.  Those are the fields that are causing the junk to be added at the end of the URLs.

1Chilly  06/17/2011 4:41:46 PM and Domino Blogs

Fascinating, Maaate.