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Wrestling with the Office ribbon?

Michael Brown   August 5 2010 06:02:16 AM
There are two kinds of Microsoft Office user: those that hate the ribbon interface and those that .... actually, come to think of it, I think there's only one kind of Office user!  Certainly, I've never met anybody that didn't think that the ribbon was one of the worst design abortions in history.

So, fed up with hunting high and low for features on the Office 2007 ribbon, I've downloaded a freebie called UbitMenu from:

It adds an extra tab to the ribbon, called "Menu".  Click on that tab and (drum roll, please....) you get the old-style menus back!

MS Word 2007 with UbitMenu

Note that it's only a freebie for personal use.  If you're using Office in an office, you're expected to cough up some cash.
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