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Paul Thurrot - Surface’s lack of storage "doesn’t matter"!

Michael Brown   February 5 2013 02:29:56 PM
An unintentionally hilarious rant from Paul Thurrott on last week's Windows Weekly podcast.  I've always enjoyed that show, but there comes a point when you cross the line from being a fan of a particular product to being its, well... I don't like the word "Shill".  But let's say, that a loss of perspective can ensue when you've defended the indefensible for too long.  And I guess that Lotus Notes aficionados are as much as risk as anybody on that score!

What provoked Thurrott's is the amount of local storage (lack thereof) on Microsoft's Surface RT and Surface Pro tablets.  FYI, the "64 Gig" version of the Surface Pro - and they really should be put the figures in quotes on the box - will only leave 23 Gig available to the user.  Windows will eat a full 43 Gig for itself!  Read on to find out how it's all your own fault if you're not happy about this!

"Should people be freaking out getting less than half the stated storage for themselves?" asks stand-in host, Iyaz Akhtar, to kick things off (at about the 30 minute mark).

"No they should not", is Paul Thurrott's firm rely, and he's off.   "We don't have the same needs for local storage that we used to, so I don't understand all the complaining about this".

Paul's used a lot of tablets you see, and has "never run out of space on any of them".  Mary Jo Foley, who later to confesses to only ever running Notepad (yes, Notepad!) and web apps on her Surface RT, doesn't see a problem either, funnily enough.

"Let me play Devil's advocate here", says Iyaz.  I.e., let me point the completely obvious flaws your arguments, such as the fact hat other tablet OSs manage not to eat up 41 Gig of their 64 Gig allocation.

That really sets Paul off.  "The issue is that the people complaining about this are hypocrites" he thunders.  Why'?  Because "you knew going into this that Windows 8 is Windows 8.  It is of whatever size…You don't buy a Surface because it has some about of space on it.  You buy it because it's a Windows computer and that's what you want".  He goes on.  "People who buy an iPad want an iPad.  They don't really care about how much space is on the thing."  Hmmm… that must be news to Apple, who've just released a 128 Gig iPad, with no extra new features except for that extra space.

"If somebody sees an ad for a Surface Pro…that it has 23 or 80 or whatever Gig of space is not gonna change those people's minds…The people who *are* complaining about this thing… it's this self-righteous indignation thing…If you care enough to know that amount of space is unacceptable then you also know that … this is not an issue."


But Paul's not finished.   He veers off onto battery life, although nobody's asked him about that.  (It's only going to be about 5 hours on the Surface Pro, by the way.)  Speaking of the iPad's battery life, he says "Who cares if you can't run Office?…What are you doing to do with 9 hours of battery life?  Are you watching movies or something?…I'd rather have 5 hours of battery life and get some work done…I'm not going to get 5 hours of work done on an iPad…It's like a fake argument.  It doesn't matter….It almost completely doesn't matter at all."

So there.  After 5 minutes of chasing his own tail around, you get the feeling that Paul's pretty much convinced himself that this is all true.

Paul's conclusion is a real mind-blower.  It's because "Microsoft is trying to … make decisions like Apple does."  

Yep, just like Apple!  Apart from the bit where Apple actually knows what it's doing.

1Dan Breen  02/05/2013 10:59:31 AM  Paul Thurrot - Surface’s lack of storage doesn’t matter !

Typical Microsoft bullshitting and bending of the truth.

2Bern  10/03/2014 2:57:10 PM  Paul Thurrot - Surface’s lack of storage doesn’t matter !

Thurrott really is fucking useless isn't he? clowns like that make a living is beyond me...