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How to get U.S Netflix and BBC iPlayer in Australia

Michael Brown   March 1 2013 03:32:57 AM
For the various people that have asked me in the last few months, this is how to get U.S. and U.K. streaming video content if you happen to live outside of those me!

Although the article is really about how to get U.S. Netflix content on your Australian iPad, you can also use the Unblock Us service to access the BBC iPlayer and the ITV Player from outside the UK.  I've used the latter to watch Downton Abbey through a PC web browser, for example.  If you're an Android/Linux user then there's no reason that this shouldn't work for your devices either, although I've not tested that.

Legality thereof?  Well, you're paying Netflix in the U.S. to watch their content, so I don't see how anybody can paint you as a pirate.  The local rights holders won't be happy of course, but well.. screw 'em, I say.  They buy up these foreign TV shows and then sit on them for months, sometimes even years.  Sorry, but the world's not like that any more.

There are signs that things are changing though; FX, who are the Australian rights holders for the Walking Dead, now boasts that they show episodes within days of their U.S broadcast.  But until more Australian channels get the idea...

Major downer: Unblock Us doesn't work over mobile phone networks.  You have to be on a WiFi or wired network connection.

If you have a jail-broken iOS device, then check out GuizmoDNS, available on Cydia.  It lets you easily toggle your DNS setting between U.S and local modes.  Because remember, if you've switched your DNS settings to the Unblock US servers, as per the APC's article, then any Australian streaming services, like the ABC and Channel 9, are going to see you as "foreign" and will likely block you because of it!

1Carl Tyler  03/01/2013 8:47:43 AM  How to get U.S Netflix and BBC iPlayer in Australia

Alternatively buy a VPN service like Witopia, then your cell phone can VPN into it, and appear as if it is in the US, UK etc.

2Mike Brown  03/02/2013 5:19:26 PM  How to get U.S Netflix and BBC iPlayer in Australia

Thanks, Carl.

I did try several VPNs before settling on Unblock US, but I found them to be slow and unreliable.

I may revisit that and take a look at Witopia.

3Mike Brown  03/13/2013 6:32:21 AM  How to get U.S Netflix and BBC iPlayer in Australia

After some research, I've stayed with Unblock US for WiFi, but I'm now using Tunnel Bear { Link } as my mobile VPN when I'm on 3G.

The Tunnel Bear app is incredibly easy to set up and use on iOS, which didn't seem to be the case for many mobile VPN solutions that I looked into. It's free up to 700 Meg each month, plus they'll give you an extra 1 Gig on top of that Tweet about how great they are, which you can do by clicking on a button within the mobile app itself.

4Alan  01/04/2016 9:07:31 AM  How to get U.S Netflix and BBC iPlayer in Australia

We need UK IP to access BBC iplayer, so i bought PureVPN subscription as they have optimized UK server for streaming purpose